Project Anonymous Goodwill has launched.

Share your ideas for the project, good deeds you had ideas for, just please refrain from using this as a forum to brag about what you have done. And if you mention a good deed you were particularly happy about, try to be as vague as possible as to the specific location and identity of the recipients of your goodwill.

Project Anonymous Goodwill has launched.

Postby NickBorden » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:04 pm

If you have not yet viewed the video, please check it on on the main site.

Basically Project Anonymous Goodwill is a random acts of kindness campaign that has a card, bearing a short explanation of the project. The card is left on gifts, or where ever a good deed has been done to explain why it was done. This is a campaign to spread both goodwill towards men, and to raise awareness of the Anonymous Party.

Hopefully both goals will be achieved with great success.

This is NOT just a holiday project, it can be continued year round, but of course different cards will need to be designed for use after Christmas.

Nick Borden.
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