Project: Anonymous Goodwill

Posted on 11-27-2013

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Project Anonymous Goodwill officially kicks off on black friday!
(November 29, 2013)

If you are visiting this page, you are likely either one of the very first participants in your area, or have been a recipient of an anonymous act of goodwill.
There are two basic purposes to this project. The first is the spread goodwill to our fellow man by doing anonymous good deeds and leaving anonymous gifts. The second is to raise awareness of the political party behind it: The Anonymous party, in an attempt to spread it's message of the importance of ALL in politics. This is a party that believes that your opinions matter, but not your money.
This is a party that is founded on the basis that all citizens of their country should be represented in their government equally, regardless of their race, religion, color, or their position of influence, or their net-worth.
Feel free to join the discussion forums to share your story of the gift you recieved, or ideas you may have for others to do. However, you should NEVER share a story of a specific instance of one of your own good deeds.
If you would like to participate, it's easy. Just print off some of the cards, carry them with you, and when an oportunity arises, perform an act of goodwill, and leave a card.

A couple sample cards are available below. Feel free to use them, or feel free to design your own!. If you have a design that is particularly nice, please post if on the forums for everyone else to use as well. Especially once the holidays are over we will be in need of a less festive version of the card.
Another important note: Project Anonymous Goodwill is NOT just for Christmas. While it is a very festive idea, it will work far better if done all year round, even if at a higher level during the holidays.
Lastly: Have fun! This project should bring out the best in everyone, and demonstrate what a wonderful place our country is to live in, even if it does need some work.

Nick Borden

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