The Contest

These are links to the YouTube videos showing the submissions.
To vote for a submission, sign in to your YouTube or Google+ account and click the "like" button under that video. You may vote for as many different submissions as you wish.
Contest officially ends 11-3-2016 (election day)
Winner(s) will be chosen based on who recieves the highest number of "likes" on the YouTube postings. Only postings made through the Anonymous Party Contest channel will count.
Entries will be disqualified if any content in their submission is not their own, and has been used without permission, or if proof of permission and credits have not been included somehow in the submission.
To submit a video, song, or picture please send as an attachment to
Please include if necessary a scanned copy of a letter or other signed document showing permission for any copyrightable material in your submission. If there is music or artwork of some form in your submission that falls in the public domain (non-copyright protected) please indicate what it is and who originally made/produced it.

No Submissions have been processed so far.
Please check back later.